Who we support

XRT offers versatile solutions to a range of individuals and organisations

We can offer a flexible intervention to fit with your needs whether you're an individual in need of treatment, a health professional or an organisation.

XRT gives health professionals the technology and the skills to effectively deliver therapeutic interventions among adults and children with phobias and situation-specific anxieties. XRT can offer a wide range of services to best suit your individual needs or the requirements of your practice.

If you are seeking treatment for yourself or a family member, we can support you. Whether you have received treatment before or it would be your first time, our approach can offer an alternative solution. To find out more please get in touch with our team.

If you are a mental health practitioner, we can help you to expand your skillset and offer your patients an innovative treatment programme by providing the training to use our intervention within an accessible location. Alternatively, if you are a freelance practitioner and are open to new opportunities, you could join our bank of qualified clinicians.

If you are part of a public health organisation or NHS Trust, we can provide training for your staff to ensure they are fully qualified to deliver our intervention and provide a treatment space in one of our local centres.

If you are part of a private healthcare organisation or insurance provider, we can empower your staff to offer our alternative treatment with their patients. Equally, if this is an intervention you are interested in providing but don’t have the clinical team to deliver this in-house,  we can assist you to conduct the intervention with our bank of clinicians as part of your services.

If you are an international healthcare provider, we can provide you with a flexible hardware solution to suit your requirements, as well as the training and access to our digital scenes. We also offer remote technical support to ensure your team is always equipped to provide high quality care and solutions to your service users.


XRT is straightforward to set up and can be adapted to work around your needs and the needs of your practice.


XRT provides accredited training and resources to upskill and empower mental health practitioners.

Ongoing Support

The XRT team offers lifelong repair and maintenance to clients, as well as remote technical support.