Why Us

XRT provides a safe and unique intervention to effectively treat phobias

We provide professionals with the expertise and the technology to deliver a state of the art therapeutic intervention.

We combine traditional CBT and exposure therapies through a wide range of virtual reality environments. Administering traditional CBT to an individual can take anywhere between 10 to 20 sessions before the patient observes noticeable impact. Our method can reduce this to as little as four sessions held over just two weeks.

We provide mental health practitioners with the expertise to deliver our immersive treatment to adults and children who suffer from phobias and anxiety. XRT provides a flexible approach to mental healthcare which empowers individuals and their families to live an unrestricted life.

Our team can support in providing a joined-up, integrated approach to phobia treatment and can work alongside those who may have already undergone treatment or support those who have not yet started their journey.

Our approach

  • As well as supporting individuals throughout their treatment, XRT provides an ongoing support package which gives our service users the ability to live a fulfilling life
  • Our treatment has been tried and tested with individuals of all different ages, backgrounds and abilities
  • Whether you are an individual seeking treatment, a mental health practitioner or a healthcare provider, our team can be flexible and offer a personalised intervention to suit your needs


Personalised Care

Our intervention is specifically tailored to the needs of the patient, each individual is assessed and given a unique treatment plan. XRT's simulations can be completely tailored to suit all situation-specific anxieties and phobias.


Technology isn't a replacement. XRT collaboratively works as extension to the therapist. The therapist has full control over session delivery and empowers him/her/them to regulate the intensity of the virtual environment.


XRT's system has been uniquely built with accessibility and neurodiversity in mind. Our technology avoids the use of VR (virtual reality) headsets and provides patients with a comfortable and controlled intervention.


Our service provides lasting results which continue past 12 months after treatment. XRT's approach to therapy can shorten treatment time dramatically and provide users and those close to them with the tools to positively impact their lives.