Supporting those with mental health conditions through groundbreaking interventions.

What is XRT?

XRT provides health professionals with the technology to effectively deliver therapeutic interventions among individuals with autism, phobias and situation-specific anxieties.

XRT combines traditional CBT and exposure therapies through a wide range of virtual reality environments. The therapies have been extensively tried and tested for nearly a decade and has been commended by NHS practitioners.

Our intervention is specifically tailored to the needs of the patient, each individual is assessed and given a unique treatment plan.  XRT's simulations can be completely tailored to suit all situation-specific anxieties and phobias.

Technology isn't a replacement. XRT collaboratively works as extension to the therapist. The therapist has full control over session delivery and empowers him/her/them to regulate the intensity of the virtual environment.

XRT's system has been uniquely built with accessibility and neurodiversity in mind. Our technology avoids the use of VR (virtual reality) headsets and provides patients with a comfortable and controlled intervention. 

Our service provides lasting results which continue past 12 months after treatment. XRT's approach to therapy can shorten treatment time dramatically and provide users and those close to them with the tools to positively impact their lives.


Saves Time & Cost

XRT treats symptoms within 2 weeks, as opposed to 12-16 weeks for traditional CBT therapies.

Easy to Install

XRT is easy to install, operate and maintain. The VR technology does not require a headset.

Proven Impact

XRT is the product of over a decade of research and clinical trials, working closely with end users.

How XRT Works

XRT uses VR technology to display life-like digital scenes and audio in a custom, immersive and interactive space, which is easy to implement within all health practices.


The digital scenes are tailored according to specific phobias and anxiety triggers, as well as individual and cultural preferences.


The experience works alongside the delivery of face-to-face CBT by a therapist at the health practice, to help clients understand and manage their anxiety triggers.


Therapists are in complete control of XRT’s technology and are able to customise VR scenes and adjust exposure levels at any time. XRT also comes with streaming technology which enables the user to share live sessions with its carers.

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XRT in Your Practice

XRT is designed to smoothly integrate within your health practice.


XRT is straightforward to set up and can be adapted to work around your needs and the needs of your practice.


XRT will train relevant staff at your health practice to use and customise the technology.

Ongoing Support

The XRT team offers lifelong repair and maintenance to clients.

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